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This site contains safari Extensions that I have created. They are compatible with the Safari web browser (version 5+) on both the Mac and Windows platforms.

D.G. Midwinter — Web Designer/Developer

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About Safari Extensions

What are Safari Extensions?

Safari Extensions are small add-ons that give extra functionality to Apple's Safari web browser. To install and use Safari Extensions you must be using Safari v5+ for either Mac or Windows.

How to install Safari Extensions

Installing Safari Extensions couldn't be easier! Simply download the file and then double click the downloaded file to install it. You will be asked for confirmation…
installing Safari Extensions
…Click 'install' and you're done.

How to Uninstall Safari Extensions

the Safari Preferences panelTo uninstall a Safari Extension you need to open the Safari Preferences. Open the Preferences by pressing cmd+, (Mac) or ctrl+, (Windows). Once the preferences are open, select the 'Extensions' tab, and then select the Extension that you want to uninstall from the list on the left. You will then see two options: you can choose to disable the Extension or uninstall it completely.

Setting Safari Extensions to auto-update

You can configure Safari so that any extensions you have installed will auto-update. To do this, open the Safari Preferences as described above and click on the 'Extensions' tab. Click on 'Updates' in the bottom on the left column where all your installed extensions are listed. In the right panel check the box marked 'Install Updates Automatically'. From now on any extensions you have installed will be automatically updated whenever the developer releases a new version.

download css3 ButtonBuilder on the Mac App Store

My Safari Extension Gallery

ButtonBar+ v1.3

ButtonBar+ allows you to create as many new customizable & configurable bookmarks bars as you like.


Downloads: 44333

ButtonBar v1.5

ButtonBar adds a second, highly customizable & configurable bookmarks bar to your browser window.

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Downloads: 54847

QR Code Generator v1.6

QR Code Generator allows you to convert the current URL to Quick Response Codes in various sizes & encodings.

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Downloads: 12572

Typesetter v1.1

Optimizes font rendering, kerning & hyphenation; and introduces typographic ligatures across all sites.

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Downloads: 1566

Search All v1.1

Search all is highly customizable research tool allowing you to search up to 15 sites simultaneously.

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Downloads: 2719

Web Radio v1.2

Store your favorite 10 streaming radio stations for playback from an easily accessible and customizable toolbar.

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Downloads: 52888

Image Search v1.0

Quick access to Google Image Search with configurable parameters & up to 5 preset searches.

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Downloads: 3305

SVGedit v1.0

Create & save SVG (Scaleable Vector Graphics) graphics directly from your browser. (built using SVG-edit v2.5.1)

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Downloads: 1983

antiSOPA v1.0

The anti SOPA Extension warns you by placing a banner across the top of the page when you visit the site of a SOPA supporter.

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Downloads: 828

ResponsiveResize v1.3

The ResponsiveResize Safari Extension lets you resize the browser window with pixel precision as an aid to building responsive websites.

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Downloads: 100907

A Mac application for aiding the development and testing of responsive sites